We Are Made New

Have you ever tried to put your clothes on over your robe just for a quick trip to the store or run an errand? It just doesn't fit right, does it? That is because clothes were never meant to fit over anything but your body. The Bible tells us we are to be clothes as followers of Jesus Christ is righteousness and holiness. New clothes made and given to us by Jesus and they were never made to fit over the old nature that Paul tells us in Ephesians we are to cast off. Yet too often we try to put on righteousness over old sins to go out for a quick run to worship, Bible study, or fellowship, thinking that no one will notice. But it is obvious often that something just isn't right. Casting off our old nature and putting on the new starts with the Holy Spirit's work in our mind. Let's talk about it. See you in church!

Reverend Peter Skanse has been preaching and guiding West Allis Wesleyan for 25 years. Available below are his Sunday sermons.

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