We Were All Fish Once

Some people love to fish, some hate it, some are scared, some have never been fishing. When Jesus said that He would make His people "fishers of men", most people have no idea what He meant. Hook, line, and sinker have nothing to do with fishing in Jesus' day. Net, boat, and crew was the kind of fishing Peter, James, John, and Andrew practiced. Surround a group of fish with a net, haul them to the boat, and load them in by hand. No bait to tempt, no hidden line to catch ...them with, no pole to bend so that the line does not break. Jesus called His disciples to go out where the fish (people) were, surround them with the net of His love, draw them to the Gospel, and personally bring them into the Grace of God. It was a call to work not relax, get to know fish, and be a team with others with the same vocation. Let's go fishing!....See you in church!


10:00am Worship Services


During worship service; let your child learn God's word in a way they can understand.
Ages 4-10


Seniors, Adults, Highschool, Junior, Primary, Beginners and Nursery. At every stage in life there is something more to learn about who God is, what he has done, and what we are called to do.