We Pray

What is the greatest gift you can give to anyone? Is it wealth, help, presence, or acts of love? What touches all that we are, our past, our present, and our future? Could praying God's best for another's life be the missing ingredient? Our prayers are usually for our selves either directly or indirectly. Maybe that is why we do not see the power of God released as we see in the Bible. Maybe it is time to follow the example others have set in the Bible and pray a greater way. Let's talk about it....See you in church!


10:00am Worship Services


During worship service; let your child learn God's word in a way they can understand.
Ages 4-10


Seniors, Adults, Highschool, Junior, Primary, Beginners and Nursery. At every stage in life there is something more to learn about who God is, what he has done, and what we are called to do.